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Up Next: America's Young Poets

Second Home Hollywood

22 October 2020

LA’s spoken word scene is blowing up right now – and the grassroots poetry group Get Lit is at the epicentre of this activist movement.


2020 has been a year of protest, division, despair and hope. In the run up to this November’s Presidential election, a generation growing up in America today are standing up and making their voices heard on the issues that will impact their future.


Get Lit hosts Mason Granger and Tyris Winter were live from Second Home Hollywood’s yellow rooftops to present from some of the country’s most exciting young poets and their powerful take on life in the United States.

Watch the full event


Salome Agbaroji

A 14 year old Nigerian-American poet based in Los Angeles County, California. Through each piece she urges social change and community action to improve the nation and our world. 

Violeta Tabilla-Esquivel aka ‘La Poeta Violeta


A 14 year old LatinX spoken word artist. She speaks on climate change, LatinX-girl power, immigration reform, and gun violence.

Nyarae Francis


A 16 year old Hamilton High School student from Inglewood, CA. Her poetry speaks on community, academic inequality, mental health, the joys of life, family, gender and sexuality and the black experience through the eyes of a young woman finding healing and growth through poetry. 


Tyris Winter

 Get Lit’s Social Media Curator, an aspiring legend, and self proclaimed 70s guru. With a passion for the arts, his love lies in multiple outlets, from painting, dancing, fashion, to poetry.

Mason Granger

A poet with 15+ years of professional experience and the Manager of Public Outreach at Get Lit. In 2014, he created SlamFind, a digital platform specifically intended to connect fans of poetry videos with the poets & live poetry venues where these videos are born.

This event was part of a series presented with Second Home and Berggruen Institute – public events that bring together the most inspiring and celebrated figures of our time to exchange and discuss groundbreaking cultural, social and political ideas.

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