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L'Escargot Restaurant, Soho

7 & 12 April 2016

The soirée, hosted by Clive Jennings, Director of the National  Print Gallery, invited emerging artists Eleanor Johnson and Venetia Berry to paint transgender model Stephanie nude within three hours.


Both painters have academically trained foundations yet are gestural and expressive in their exploration of the human condition through portraiture.


The idea was a reaction against binary roles of gender and a celebration of the age of androgyny.

An Evening With Stephanie.jpg


 The Upcoming

"The experience, the art, the idea of bringing strangers together around a table for a wonderfully social evening, all are born from a spark of adventure and daring."

 Its Rude to Stare

"Curators Magdalena Moursy and Hugo Wheeler of Transparent Platform have allowed us a Voyuer’s peak into the very lively relationship between sitter and artist, that pervades through all portraiture. If you’re at all interested in the artistic process, watching the expressions and thoughts of an artist at work whilst enjoying a meal with a live pianist, is an incredibly enjoyable experience."

Eleanor Johnson

Eleanor Johnson Practice.jpg

Practice Session

Eleanor Johnson 7th April.jpg

7 April

Eleanor Johnson 12th April.jpg

14 April

Venetia Berry

Venetia Berry Practice.jpg

Practice Session

Venetia Berry 7th April.jpg

7 April

Venetia Berry 12th April.jpg

14 April

The evening sought to deliver a heightened relationship between the audience and the  artist; revealing an illuminating insight into different artistic processes. After three hours of intense work by the artists, the audience was invited to join an informed  discussion about the artist’s progress and technique. 

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