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A Time and a Place... For Everything

In collaboration with The Museum of Soho and Hugo Wheeler

artFix Soho (August 2015)

L'Escargot Restaurant (Sept 2015 - Jan 2016)

Sponsored by Absolut Vodka

Anything Lelft Handed 65 Beak Street 300

Anything Left Handed, Beak Street, Archive by Robert Stallard, 1963

A  photography retrospective that  showcased a selection of archival images, from past to present taken around Soho, aiming to represent its history by celebrating the consistent diversity and long standing community of the area.


Time And A Place... For Everything demonstrated Soho as a never ending, constantly changing organism which lives, grows and breathes through its community. This being both the people and places you see.

All three photographers are diverse in their approach to this grand subject. Robert Stallard provides us with a unique snapshot into a particular era of time when even in 1973 development was looming. Strangeways takes you on a journey, bringing the viewer into a personal relationship with his subjects, being a master at capturing the unknown. Damien Frost glamourizes and celebrates the bizarre and eccentric within this unique pocket of London.

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“Living in Soho, a square mile still barely touched by modern development in central London, one became very aware of its cosmopolitan character, its sizeable community living and working in affordable accommodation, its smells, its network of ancient streets and buildings - everything that was uniquely the „village of Soho. Neighbouring Covent Garden was being redeveloped with apparent lack of respect to its community and character, and „grand‟ schemes were afoot for Piccadilly Circus. There was an awareness among the Soho community that this type of insensitive development would be a catastrophe for Soho.Robert Stallard

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"Each room is dedicated to photographs taken in or associated with a different Soho street or area: Berwick Street; Old Compton Street; Brewer Street and the Courts, Tylers, Walkers and Greens, leading to interesting juxtapositions of photographs taken in the same locations but with forty years separating them. Frost’s majestic portraits line the corridors, staring down like ancestral portraits in an alternative Soho Stately Home. For the duration of the exhibition L'Escargot becomes a metaphor for all Soho." Clive Jennings – Soho Clarion

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